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If you use Dime for your payroll services, you can access your payroll information via If you have not registered, please do so. If you need help with resetting your password or userid, contact your payroll manager (This can be done at any time, but the sooner, the better!)


No more waiting for a delivery package! This feature lets your employees access their W-2s in a more secure and convenient way through Employee Access. 
To Sign up, simply click the green leaf on the home page  Image Placeholder
and make sure Employee Access is turned on.  ADP will do the rest and ask your employees to consent, track their choice and remind them when their W-2s are ready. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your payroll manager. 

Here's a list of simple things you can do to make sure you and your employees are ready for year end:

  1. Confirm your organization's mailing address in ADP, this is where all your W-2's will be mailed.
  2. Have your employees login/register and confirm their Social Security Numbers, addresses, names, earnings, etc.
  3. Report any year end bonus in ADP, including manual check(s) in ADP no later than December 31st
  4. Process any 2020 salary changes at least 7 business days prior to your first payroll in January.
Note: Any changes made to W-2's after January 8th require an amendment fee and fee to re-print. Around the 2nd week of January Tax Statements will be published to view on the "Dashboard" tab.

In addition, ADP has a great year end guide with...

  • Detailed monthly tasks, including what company and employee information should be checked, starting now, to help avoid incorrect Year-End forms
  • How to prepare payrolls for the upcoming holidays to help ensure on-time deliveries
  • Important information regarding the Department of Labor's Final Overtime Rule, Affordable Care Act, third party sick pay, household payrolls and more
  • A helpful Year-End Checklist and 2020 Payroll Calendar

If you have any questions please contact your payroll manager or email

Thank you!

For your convenience, you can access all our year end checklists HERE!