Company credit cards requirements are:

  1. ENTER AND PAY THE BILL: Dime will have access to the credit card site and will be set up to be notified when the statement has been created. We will log in and pull the statement and post the bill to be paid, a paper statement is not generally sent to the church by the credit card company if they have selected to have their statement available electronically. 

  2. CODE EACH TRANSACTION: Each transaction on the credit card statement must be coded from the chart of accounts. We have two primary methods for obtaining this coding:
    1. Export of the transactions into an excel spreadsheet which will be sent to you for coding (if volume is significant this may be done weekly or bi-weekly during the month);
    2. Use of electronic expense reporting systems (such as Expensify) which allows card users to enter coding online via the Expensive website
KEY POINTS: Someone will need to have responsibility to review credit card charges for compliance with your policies on use of company credit card. 

It is not necessary to submit transaction receipts to Dime. These should remain in your files.