Make Deposits

Deposits to your bank account will be booked as income based upon the information you provide to us. For each deposit, please send a timely report that specifies the amount of the deposit split by type of income; typical types are:

  1. Charitable donation,
  2. Purchase of goods – books, T-shirts,
  3. Registration for event,
  4. Building fund donation,
  5. Donation by campus,
In addition, if we are doing your donor charitable giving tracking then we need the following for each bank deposit:

  1. Copies of each check along with the deposit ticket
  2. Each check must be clearly noted as to what account it is benefiting. 
  3. VERY IMPORTANT- Donation checks that are written to specific person as a love offering would not be sent to us since they are not deposited in your account. Remember these are ARE NOT considered charitable contributions as tax deductible by the payer. Talk to your accounting manager on this subject for more information.
  4. If you question whether a donation receipt is eligible as a charitable contribution by the donor – please indicate the question that in your submission and follow-up will be required for clarity of the situation at hand so that we can keep accurate records of charitable giving.
  5. If Dime is responsible for tracking your donor accounting we will have access to your online giving platforms and we will key in all donations in a timely manner. If Dime is not responsible for your donor accounting, we will have to work together to determine which account each deposit benefits after it has been deposited to the bank account.
    1. Be sure to have your online giving platform set up to prompt the donor to enter in their address and select the correct account their gift should benefit. (General, Benevolence, Building etc.)
  1. Separate all checks from any remittance stubs or notes from donor or customer.
  2. Fill out deposit ticket
    1. Enter total $ amount for all cash.
    2. List the donor’s last name and check amount on the deposit slip if your slips have a place for this information
      1. If there are a large number of checks you may elect not to put last names on the deposit ticket. This step helps us find checks that may have been missed in copying if this is filled out properly.
    3. Separate deposits are not necessary; however it is very important that proper accounts codes are noted as well as noting if they are tax deductible or not.
      1. For example, if 10 checks are for Sunday giving but 5 are for missions and 2 are for the building fund, they all need to be clearly marked.
    4. Separate each deposit
      1. If multiple deposits are included in one scan please separate them by the corresponding deposit slip.
  3. Use the “For Deposit Only Stamp” to stamp the back of each check
  4. Copies
    1. Make a copy of the deposit ticket. This insures that our total matches your total of what you took to the bank.
    2. Make a copy of each check (You can typically copy 4 checks per page) along with the account number listed either beside each check or at the top of each individual page if the entire page benefits the same account.
    3. Specify “plate offering” as the amount that was given anonymously as well as a list of cash donors that were given along with the corresponding account number that needs to be credited.
Deposit (These instructions are generic and should be updated based on your bank’s practices)

  1. Paperclip the deposit ticket to the corresponding checks / cash and put them into the bank bag
  2. Take bank bag, with deposit tickets, to the bank and make the deposit.
  3. Otherwise, if you use a remote deposit capture machine, please follow the instructions for making deposits. 
Timely Submission
  1. Send us the deposit information on same day as deposited.
  2. Include backup in the following order
    1. Copy of deposit ticket 1
    2. Copy of all checks for deposit ticket 1
    3. Copy of deposit ticket 2
    4. Copy of all checks for deposit ticket 2
    5. Etc…
  3. Email the scanned copies to your unique dime email address and watch for that system acknowledgment of your submission.
  1. Copies of all information sent to dime will be kept on Dime’s secure server. It is good practice to keep the paper copies for 3 years in your confidential filing system and then discard. 
  2. Acknowledgement – our system will send a receipt acknowledgement email