Manual checks should be used only for emergency payment situations and should be used as little as possible. Our goal is to keep an accurate cash analysis for you and manual checks are gap in the process until we become aware of the payment. And the payment may need a W9 document as support to be in compliance with year end IRS rules. We understand that emergencies do arise and if a manual check is needed please provide us with the following:

  1. A copy of the check listing the account number that needs to be used, an explanation of the check’s purpose AND a W9 for those that are being paid for a service and/or labor (only need this once and we will save for future reference)
  2. If a business is paid via manual check please also include the invoice(s) that support the payment amount and services.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT-Please be sure to specify if a manual check was written for a reimbursement on the information you send over. We do not want the amount to be included on someone’s year end IRS Form 1099 if it was actually for a reimbursement.
Timely Submission

Notify your bookkeeper IMMEDIATELY via your Dime email address when a check is written versus waiting on it to clear the bank and questions arise.


Use the filing method specified in the “Bills to be paid” section of this document.