1. Two days before the payroll check date payroll must be entered. For example, a 08/31 check date should be entered on 08/29. The LATEST you can enter to still process on the check date is the day before by noon or in this case 08/30 at 12:00 PM. Both ADP and Dime will send you reminder emails if we see that you have not yet entered your hours – you will always be reminded.
  2. Log in to RUN at https://runess.adp.com using username and password created upon registration
  3. You will see this (your screen may have less icons): 
    Image Placeholder

  4. Under “To Do” select “Process payroll for (appropriate date) – OR you can just select “Run Payroll”. This will bring you to the payroll worksheet screen.
  5. You will see this screen: 
    Image Placeholder

  6. Double check that the check date and the pay period are correct.
    1. Sometimes the check date will not be the 15th or the 31st (or whatever your frequency may be) – in most cases that is because the 15th or 31st fell on a weekend or holiday and the system is adjusting for that.
  7. Here you will see your employees and can enter their hours for the pay period. Under “Regular Hours” enter the hours the employee worked for that pay period. It will look like this: 
    Image Placeholder

  8. Your salary employees salary, deductions, and earnings will automatically populate.
  9. Press “Save”.
  10. Select “Preview Payroll”
  11. You will see this screen: 
    Image Placeholder

  12. “Total Cash Required” shows you the amount that will be impounded from your bank account for the payroll.
  13. Once information is verified as accurate, select the approve button.
  14. For further breakdown, select reports as seen in the picture below: 
    Image Placeholder

  15. Select “View Liability Report” for a breakdown of the payroll liability. 
    Image Placeholder

  16. For actual payroll breakdown and to verify all looks correct, select “Payroll Preview” 
    Image Placeholder

  17. To download either of these reports select the green “Print Report” button.
  18. If at this point you see an error and need to go back select “Close” and then “Previous”. From there you can make your changes.
  19. If you see no changes that need to be made select “Close” to leave the report screen. You should be back at this screen: 
    Image Placeholder

  20. To finalize the payroll select the red “Approve” button and then select “Yes” or “Approve”.
    1. Once you complete this step the payroll is finalized. You can’t change the payroll after you complete this step.
  21. You will receive a screen letting you know your payroll has successfully run.