Before you add a new employee, it's important to have the following filled out and ready:

  • Applicable state withholding form (search "[State Name] W-4" online) 
Save these documents in a folder for your records.

  1. Log in to RUN at 
  2. Hover over the employees tab on top of page.
  3. Select add employee or add contractor from drop down menu
  4. Complete each field and page. Asterisk (*) fields are required. 
If clergy please make sure they are EXEMPTED from Social Security and Medicare under the Federal Tax section. In order to do this, email the Dime Payroll Manager and make sure to:

  1. Include the company code and employee name in the subject line.
  2. In the body say, "this employee needs to be exempt from Social Security and Medicare
Note: It's a good idea to double check the exemption has been updated in the system before the first payroll runs.

If the employee is taking a Housing Allowance, have your Dime Payroll Manager walk you through the set up in ADP. Click HERE if the pastor needs help calculating a housing allowance.

For Contractors, fill out 1099 Info. *If policy is on “RUN & Done” a contractor must receive Pay type ‘Amount’ greater than zero to automatically be included in the payroll
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Step 3: Fill out Tax Info per Form W4
Step 4: Fill out Payroll Info
Step 5: Add any Earnings / Deductions if necessary
Step 6: Fill out banking info for Direct Deposit 
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You may need to adjust the first pay based on when they started. See Temporary Employee Changes for completing a one-time change.