There are several ways to enter a new cash, check or other donation into the system.

The first way is to click on "Donations" and then click "New".  When you do this, you have to assume that you're setting up a new donor all together.  If there's a possibility that the donor has given in the past, then follow the steps below.

Click on "All Contacts" and then start typing the donor's name in the search box.  When you find the matching donor, click "Add donation".  This will take you to a pre-filled donation screen ready for you to enter the new donation.

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Update any of the donor's information.

Enter the "Check Date" in the required date field.

Enter the "Deposit Date" if necessary in the corresponding field.

Enter the Amount and then choose the Designation.  If there is no specific designation on the check or envelope, then choose "General" as the designation.

Choose the payment method.  If you choose Check, you'll then be required to enter a check number and a check date.

Use the "Memo" box to enter any additional information you might have about the donation. 

Check the box if you want to email a receipt to the donor, and then click "Save and New"

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Viola... the donation is entered.