Step 1 | Alerting your church staff of the switch

As you launch with Dime Giving, its a good idea to get your staff and team leaders on board.  A good way to start is to ask them to make a test donation so they can see the platform in action. Once they see how simple it is to use and how clear the process is, they will understand why the switch was made.   

Below is a good email to share with your group to start the transition:

"Hey Team,

As we mentioned in our previous meetings,  we are switching our giving platform from {Previous Giving Platform Name} to Dime Giving. If you can help out our finance team and click the link below to give a test donation on Dime Giving & please share your feedback about the experience with us. As we roll out Dime Giving to our congregation in the next few week, it will only make the launch smoother when our whole team knows how to setup a donation on our new giving platform. Also, we want our core volunteers to have the ability to test this out before we launch church-wide. Please feel free to forward this email or share the giving link with your key volunteers.

Give a test donation by going to {Insert Church Giving Link Here} 

Pastor {Name}"

Donor Migration to New Giving Platform

How to switch your existing recurring givers to Dime within the first 4 weeks. 

A Few Quick Pointers
  • Our data shows us that if you send one email a week for a month, the average church will have 75%+ of their existing recurring givers moved over onto Dime within the first 4 weeks. 
  • Send the first email for the first two weeks and then send the second email for the last two weeks.
  • For the remaining recurring givers that haven't switched over, give them a call & first thank them for their generosity, then ask them if they have been receiving your emails (if they answer "no", it is a great time to confirm that you have the most up to date information). If they say that they have seen the emails but hasn't gotten around to moving over their donation, ask them if they need help & if they can move it over in the next few days.


We are excited to announce that we have a new donation platform called Dime Giving. It will be replacing all of our current online giving methods instead of (Current platform) 

We are contacting you because you have set up repeat giving with (Previous Giving Provider) which will be discontinued soon. We want to ensure that the transition to our new processor is smooth. Please help us out by taking the two steps below before (Put a Hard End Date).

1) Go to our website (Insert Link)  and set up your repeat giving.
2) Go To (Previous Giving Provider) and cancel your old repeat giving.

If you need help, contact our contribution team at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or (Insert Finance / Contributions Email Here) and we will respond as soon as possible.

Sample Email #2 Template  "Reminder About your Repeat Giving"


Thank you for your regular giving to (CHURCH NAME) each month. Your generosity allows us to reach people all over (CITY or COUNTY NAME), across the country and even globally. Thank you so much. 

You might have heard that we are discontinuing (PREVIOUS GIVING PROVIDER) and are moving all online giving over to Dime Giving so that your donation dollars will go even further. We noticed you still have repeat giving set up in (PREVIOUS GIVING PROVIDER). Would you take a quick moment and help us transfer your current repeat giving from (PREVIOUS GIVING PROVIDER) to Dime Giving?

The steps are as follows:1) GO to our website (Insert link) and set up your repeat giving.
2) Go To (Previous Giving Provider) and cancel your old repeat giving.
If you need help, contact our contribution team at  (xxx) xxx-xxxx or (Insert Finance / Contributions Email Here)

Thanks again for partnering with us to make a difference in the kingdom."

Have a Transition Giving Landing Page On Your Website

We strongly recommend creating a transition giving landing page on your website for the first 2 months during the transition. When anyone hits the give button on your main page, have it link to a landing page similar to the example below. This helps create clarity for your church. It should clearly call out the transition in giving provider with the first button pointing new givers to the Dime Giving page, and the second button allowing existing recurring donors to cancel their current recurring gift so that they can set a new one up on Dime Giving.

Page should look like this example.....

Thank you for helping us switch to our new online contribution system.
The goal is to have all Repeat Giving that is currently running on our other platforms moved over to our new Dime Giving platform. We think you will find the new system very easy to work with.  There are two steps to move to the new system:


Click the “Give” button. When the form opens, toggle the option “Setup Automated Giving?” on the giving form to schedule your giving.
{ Insert Link to your website giving page} 

Tips to help your donation go further….
Unfortunately, online donations come with a processing cost that the church must pay.
Two ways you can help the church save processing fees:
  • Give from your bank account rather than a credit card.  The processing fees the church pays will be less.
  • Help us cover the cost by sliding the toggle on the giving form to “Cover Card Processing Fees?”


PushPay Accounts:
Log into PushPay or and cancel your repeat giving.  If you have forgotten your PushPay password, you can set a new password here.

Log into your church account and cancel your repeat giving.  If you have forgotten your church account password, you can get a new one here.
Need Help?
Not sure where your old repeat giving is set up or not sure how to cancel?  Email us and we can help you through the process!
Important Note:
All online giving will be discontinued on the other systems soon, so don’t wait to make the move to Dime Giving!  We think you will find the new system very user friendly.

Launch Weekend

Having a successful launch weekend really comes down to two main things: Promotion & Creating content for your services.

Promoting Dime Giving
  1. Use Pre/Post Service slides that share all the different ways people can give. 
  2. When you talk about Giving in your services, talk about all the different ways people can give. 

Post Launch

Most churches have a phenomenal launch weekend. Churches who see an increase of giving after launch weekend do these two things well: 
  1. Communicate all the different ways to give, every week - The average church attender comes to church 1.7x per month. This means that we need to continually share about all the easy ways for people to give. Most people do not give throughout the week because they forget that they can give anywhere, anytime with Dime Giving. 
  2. Talk about giving & generosity clearly - Most churches that use Dime Giving see a huge increase in overall giving, but they also see an increase in the number of recurring givers. Share with your church the Biblical reasons for financial generosity, but take one step further and consider sharing the practical reasons why setting up a recurring gift is best for the church - it helps you budget as you look ahead and plan to reach more people for Christ. We find that when churches even share the practical importance of recurring giving for your church, that many will set that up - they just didn't know that it was important.