The dashboard is really the first stop for quickly seeing 4 main areas of data regarding giving.

First, "Giving by Month".  This shows the trends of giving from month to month.  You can quickly see high months vs. low months and everything in-between.

Second, "Giving by Day of Week".  This is really the snapshot of your giving trends by day.  Are most people giving on Sunday or are they oftentimes giving more on Wednesdays?  This should help you to see trends for giving by day of the week.

Third, "Giving by Time of Day".  This is a quick overview of the time of day that people are giving.  In other words, are people giving during the services or are they giving when they get home?  Which service are they giving in?  Or, are they giving most during the weekday services?  This will help you understand those trends.

Finally, "This week".  This shows you general information about this specific week's giving information.  Total Giving, Unique Givers, new givers, average gift for this week and total giving for the year.

Again... The dashboard is your first stop for quickly seeing high level giving trends and information.