Connecting Church Community Builder and Dime Giving is simple. 

First, login to your CCB account, and click on the Settings icon (it looks like a gear). 


Then, click “API” under System Settings.


Click the “Users” tab, then click “Add a new API User”.

On the Summary page, make a note of your API URL. You'll need this later. 

Click on the Users tab, then click "Add a new API User". 


Enter a name for your API user, such as “Dime Giving API User”.
Enter a username - we suggest “dimegiving”.
Enter a password, and then re-type the password to confirm it.

Be sure to write down your username and password - you’ll need this later.

Now click on the Services tab. You'll need to select the following ffive services: 

  • batch_profiles
  • batch_profiles_in_date_range
  • create_individual
  • import_batches
  • individual_profiles
  • transaction_detail_type_list

Click "Save". 

Set up CCB Integration in Dime Giving

Now, go back to your Dime Giving account.

Click on Settings, CCB Integration, and then click "Set up CCB Integration". 

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Enter your CCB API URL, and your API Username, and the API Password that you provided to CCB in the first part. Then click "Start CCB Integration". 

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That's it, you're finished. 

The CCB integration will work in the background. Here's what will happen during the integration: 
  1. Individuals will be downloaded from CCB into your Dime Giving database. Our integration will try to match individuals with donors that are already in your Dime Giving database. 
  2. Any donors that are in Dime Giving but not in CCB will be uploaded into your CCB database. 
  3. Transactions will be downloaded from CCB into your Dime Giving database as donations. 
  4. Donations that haven't been matched will be uploaded into CCB as contributions. 
From now on, whenever you enter a new donor or donation in Dime Giving, it will be uploaded into CCB, and vice versa.